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Hartley & Gibson's Sherries

Our Hartley & Gibson's, was ranked as the second largest-selling brand of imported sherries in the US. The brand is enjoyed by many sherry aficionados and has received numerous outstanding reviews from well-known wine writers.

*Ranked by Impact Databank Review and Forecast

Fino (feen-o)
Flaxen pale to gossamer golden in color, the Fino ranges from very dry to dry. It features an almond-reminiscent bouquet. While it is delicate and light, it is fully satisfying. Always serve chilled.

Manzanilla (man-than-ee-ya)
This is the lightest and driest Fino. Produced near the seacoast at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, it has an almost salty tang. Serve chilled. It is an especially good accompaniment to shellfish.

Amontillado (ah-mon-tee-ya-do)
The richly amber Amontillado is brisk and medium dry. Nutty to the palate, it features a light, pungent bouquet. Serve chilled, on the rocks, or at room temperature.

Oloroso (o-lo-ro-so)
Featuring a deeply golden color, the Oloroso is gently sweet with a full-bodied, walnut-accented flavor. It is fully fragrant. Serve at room temperature or on the rocks.

Cream Sherry
Dark gold to velvety brown in color, our heavy-bodied Cream Sherry features a scentful bouquet and is luscious, smooth, and richly sweet in flavor. Serve at room temperature or over ice.

Hartley & Gibson's Pedro Ximenez

Hartley & Gibson's Pedro Ximenez Cream Sherry is a unique sherry produced from 100% sun-kissed Pedro Ximenez grapes grown in the Sherry district of Spain. It is the classic Jerez dessert wine. There is no finer quality of Pedro Ximenez produced in Spain, and this product is used in the production of the world's finest cream sherries. Hartley & Gibson's Pedro Ximenez is fuller, richer, and more intense than any cream sherry now available at any price. One taste of Hartley & Gibson's Pedro Ximenez will instantly captivate anyone who appreciates the lush, full flavor of quality cream sherry. 

 Pedro Ximenez(pay-drow-zi-muh-nez)

A dark, ebony colored wine with pronounced tearing and thickness to the eye.  In the nose its bouquet is extremely rich with predominantly sweet notes of dried fruits such as raisins, figs and dates, accompanied by the aromas of honey, grape syrup, jam and candied fruit, at the same time reminiscent of toasted coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa and licorice.Velvetyand syrupy in the mouth and yet with enough acidity to mitigate the extreme sweetness and warmth of the alcohol leading to a lingering, tasty finish.

What They've Been Saying About Hartley & Gibson's

Hartley & Gibson's: A Success Story
"Jack Poust & Company, (New York) the importer of this phenomenon, has taken HARTLEY & GIBSON'S from practically nowhere up to the top rank of imported Sherries."
— "The Wine Trade" by Ed Everett

When It Comes To Sherries, Harvey's Isn't the Only Cream of the Crop
"While Bristol Cream was the sweetest, smoothest, and creamiest, HARTLEY & GIBSON'S had more complex flavors, tighter structure and a better developed bouquet. Both are fine wines though in different styles. I'd call it a draw except in price." 
— The Baltimore Sun, "Wine" by Michael Dresser

In a Class by Themselves
"There are imported sherries and there are imported sherries, but none compare in popularity and price or quality to Hartley & Gibson's sherries. They are in a class by themselves."
— Bay View Magazine, San Francisco

"My house brand is Hartley & Gibson's."
— San Francisco Chronicle, "One Man's Wine" by Larry Walker